jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

All I can say is WOW

If you had asked me if I thought any of this would have happened I would have told you no. Because of my grades my mother has forbidden me to go back to Chatham. This stemmed another one of our brawls, one of a million it seems. And as any person who has read my journal knows I am getting over a sinus infection. Well I was sick to my stomach right. And she wouldn't let me go to the freaking bathroom as I sat there heaving as she belittled and insulted me. So yeah I ended up barfing on her floor (damn shame I missed her bed or better yet her pillow). Yes I have a malicious streak apparently. I just couldn't take it anymore. I imed MC and Kris and Kris (who i have to say is Hero for the Day because of what I'm going to talk about next) got Katura, Eric, and Carri to come get me. It was kinda scary honestly because my mom was home and I raced outta there and she comes running out as we are about to pull away. Eric stops. Carri says to lock the doors. My mother was like "That's my daughter in there please let her out." All three of them were like "Lady she doesn't want to get out." (Well not those words but close to it) And my mother is clasping her hands and whining at me," Honey please come out, just for a minute, I promise I'll let you back in." All I can say, harsh as this may be, she's a damn good actress, almost had me thinkin' she cared. And we sped off, me shaking, and thinking "HOLY SHIT DID I JUST DO THAT?!" I guess for Kris's sake after saying shit I should say KABOB. The real catcher is that Kris's parents had no freaking clue I was coming.
I got to go to the Aviary!! FINALLY. And of course because I was there excitement was a must. One of the birds got loose. I honestly don't know if they have found him yet. I might take an internship there but I don't know. I definitely am getting a job. So yeah I'm staying with Krystle for awhile! :-D *bounces*
The only down side is that Eddie (a friend of ours) brought Katie and Margaret. I loved seeing them but ended up in tears because Margaret had thought she had done something or that I would forget about her. Which would never happen. But guys I'm free!!!!!! I think I'm going the counseling root just because I need to figure out stuff and find myself (cheesy as that may sound). I know Katie wants me home but I can't. Honestly, I don't know if I ever will go back to that house. But one day at a time. I have my cell back so you guys can call me!!! And Sarah I need your apartment number. Love you guys! Adios for now.
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