jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Groggy and feeling utterly awful...

Gosh, I wish I could write an entry that sounded even remotely happy. I feel bad always writing about how my life is so bad and complicated. *sighs* Well I don't feel well at all. My sinus infection is acting up apparently. I got the stuffed nose, sore throat, feel like I have a fever but I'm not sure, and my chest is tight and hurts when I cough. Rather than be very sympathetic my mother did what was second nature to her. Gave orders and got cranky when my voice sounded like a frog (apparently I was talking back).
When Neil, and his parents were here my mom saw fit to gripe about my hair and say it was bald and that it should be shaved off. Well Neil's mom said it was cute and told my mom to stop it. Neil's dad said that it looked nice and at 19 I was an adult and was allowed to have my hair cut anyway I wished. We went to the concert and let me just say it was horrible. It would have been better had the music teacher given Katie a solo like he usually does. I know she wished he had. She's used to having her chance to shine. Sorry that sounds mean. I'm very proud of her. It's just that standing in the shadows gets boring sometimes. I mean the only time the focus is on me is when my mother feels compelled to tell me how awful I am which is close to every blessed day.
Katie's friend Hannah is coming over today so my mother will have to hold in her temper somewhat. I hope anyway, you never know with her. Well I feel too achy to make this any longer. Pray for me. I can't take a horrible day. I've had too many of those as of late.

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