jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Did I mentionn I hate sinus infections?? Hope this day is a pretty good one....

Well hey everyone. I went to the doctor's and I don't have strep throat but she thinks I have a sinus infection. I feel utterly miserable but oh well. After the doctor's appointment I had yesterday we went to Outback which I love. I was surprised I could eat there because my stomach had been hurting all day. But I managed to eat even though I had a horrid stomachache the entire night. And to boot Jasmine made a horrible disgusting mess of her cage and I had to clean it up. I think Katie is really mad at me and doesn't want anything to do with me. Ever since the recent events I think she is afraid of me or something. Although she did thank me for proofreading her paper yesterday. My blood related family is insane (and I don't mean that in a good way).
Oh and before I go any further I want to mention something happy. My friend/sister/clone/goofy lady Nicole is now on my friends list for the lj. Welcome!! :-) If the computer acts stupid and her entries aren't up I'll be pissed but I checked and they were so.... She is an awesome person and shares your viewpoints on my mother etc. So yay clone!!! I heart you.
Tonight at Katie's school there is a concert which I am planning to go to since Katie doesn't really have that much family. And Katie's friend Neil is coming over. His mother wants us to get married I think. *chuckles* He's a very decent guy but he's only 14. If he was somewhat older than maybe we could date. No those of you who are reading this I do not have a crush on Neil. I swear!! Now Benji on the other hand... *wiggles eyebrows and smiles devilishly*
Ok it seems as if I have written a novel so I am going to end this here. Adios.

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