jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Long Time No See

Well I guess I don't really need to recap the horribleness that has been my life as of late. My life certainly isn't improving very much. My godmother who has leukemia but had been doing well for awhile has found out that her counts are up so I have to worry about her. And my piano teacher's cat got hit by a car yesterday. I went with them to the vets and to the emergency clinic. The cat's foot well leg was broken in three places and they found out that she had massive internal injuries. For example her bladder was shattered so she was put to sleep. I felt so awful. And to boot I'm not feeling all that great and mom is driving me nuts about school and Katie has a fit last night, screaming, crying the whole bit and she even was going to walk to piano. Guess who was blamed for that. If you said me then you would be correct. If my life doesn't significantly improve I don't know what I'm going to do. It seems like all the bad is piling up on my head and I feel I'm going to crack under the weight of it. I really need sister support. I really need to get away from my house for awhile. My mother doesn't really understand this. And if she loses her temper like she did about my hair and such I doubt I'll be able to hold myself together. There is only so much a body can take. Wish me luck folks. I sorely need it.

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