jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Yep, woke up and can't sleep....

Yesterday was rather interesting. Sarah proposed the idea of me going to get a hair cut since I had been wanting to and I went and did it!! My hair is so short now and I like it. But the thing is I am so scared about how my mother is going to react to it, I don't know how my sister Katie is going to react to it either. I could see Katie calling it a boy cut. I'm glad I went with the gang : aka Krystle, Melissa, Amber, Jean, Jessie, and Sarah. And of course watching Space Balls and LOTR: Two Towers was fun. I returned Krystle's call and we got to talking. Well I woke up after four and found my phone face down, on, and of course noone there at this point. I honestly, don't remember what happened. So I called Krystle back because I felt bad and we have definitely called each other at odd times before. I really wish that it hadn't be so late so that we could have talked more because I'm freaking out about what my mom's possible reaction to my hair will be.
And today I'm also moving out of the dorms which saddens me greatly. :-( I'm gonna miss seeing everyone five days a week!!! Well I'd better go see if maybe I can fall asleep. Adios.

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