jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Lonely is not fun

So today was fairly uneventful. At least thus far. It was filled with chores around the house, taking care of the dogs, and going out to grab a bite to eat. We went to Hofstots which is in Oakmont. It's one of our favorite restaurants and has great food .We ended up taking a walk around that area which was fun.I did laugh a lot with Katie which is always enjoyable. My mother of course drove me up a wall but that's pretty much a given with my life. And my mother just brought me back not to long ago and our room is so lonely now!! It's hollow and so empty. It's like a hospital room. But hey at least I get a break from my mother which is always a good thing.I still don't know how I'm going to manage coping with her this summer.*sighs* I'm excited about Sarah's wedding! Yay fun. And my mom was pretty much insulting our crew except for Jean, Jessie, and Sarah. Everyone else, especially Krystle (whom she maintains she really likes) she gave me lip about. I of course wouldn't take it and told her everyone was wonderful and to stop. Not that she really listened but does she ever? I mean she harped about how Mary Cayte tells her parents oh so much and why don't I and it took all of my being not to lose patience with her. And then when I was driving home she had to correct me every step of the way which I hate. And she wonders why I don't like to drive a lot with her. Oy. Well I'm going to end here. Later!

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