jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Sleepy oh so sleepy....

Ok so I don't know how often I will be able to to update during the summer but I will do my best. Thursday (or maybe this was Friday...I'm so sleepy and frazzled I don't know) but I got to eat with Allison, Katura, Krystle, and somewhat Ashley. So that was cool. And I got to spend Friday night at Chatham which was awesome. Then of course I had to get up for the art history final...I'm so glad that's over! And I got to eat lunch with Allison, Mitch, and Mary Cayte today (last night we all watched Fellowship of the Ring). Mary Cayte moved out today and she wanted to come back with her to the room when she packed but I didn't want to. First because no offense to her but I wanted to hang out with Allison and Mitch but also her parents just do not like me. So I eflt bad but I went with Allison and Mitch to watch 28 Days which has Viggo in it! I never knew that. And then my mom picked me up and I went to go sit for four kids. I have been baby-sitting for these four kids for a few years now. I love them dearly but they have so much freakin' energy. I'm so damn sleepy right now. I'm also feeling emotional. I'm gonna miss you guys! Seeing you five days a week I mean. We must hang out and Amber we musleep in touch! Sarah that's cool that you got your e-mail changed. Well my eyes are drooping so I'm going to end this here.

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