June 1st, 2004

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Sun Burns are evil and should therefore...DIE

So Krystle helped me go job hunting today. Got a few applications and going to hit more places tomorrow. Wooo. And I wore a tank top and stupid me didn't wear sunscreen so yeah my shoulders are burned. And it hurts man. It really kills. I have only been sunburned one other time in my life. And Friday I am going over to Melissa to spend the night. And the plan is to see Harry Potter Saturday! YAY! I have such an inner child it's amusing. Saturday Krystle is going on an Outreach for the Aviary. She has plans *wiggles eyebrows* for Bird Man. And as I am typing this she is calling the BOY right now. I'm such a weirdo. Maybe it's because I am pathetic and still don't have a boyfriend. I would so get hit right now if she knew I typed that. I hope I don't resort to ice cream like MC did. *chuckles* Benji! Where are you? Sorry hyper. Well I am pleased that last night I got to see pics of my friend Nicole. Who rocks! Oh God you should meet her some time.She's sweet, funny and would definitely fit in with our clan. Well I'm going to end this here. Adios.