jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Yeah My Mother Hates Me

So I went to my house today to pick up some stuff. I could get into the garage because we have one of those keypads. But my oh so sweet mother *note sarcasm* locked the door to the basement. Well I went around back where we keep our spare key. It wasn't there. I called Margaret thinking that she probably had a key and could possibly let me in. Well she was pretty pissed off at me. Or it felt like she was. She told me I shouldn't go into the house when my mother wasn't there. I don't know if she was trying to say that my mother wouldn't be happy about it or what. I mean it techinically still is my house. Oh well. So Melissa is going to be my savior and while she is at my house pack things for me. So yay! I owe her one thats for sure.
Poor Krystle's dad was such a good sport about going out there for nothing.
I hope Nicole isn't upset with me or anything because the second time I talked to her yesterday she didn't say much and then logged off without saying goodbye. So Nicole if you are upset with me I'm so sorry.
And tomorrow I am sleeping over at Melissa's and Saturday is Harry Potter. WEEE! Krystle's niece Melanie is going to be at the house tomorrow and she is soooo cute. *grins* Well thats all for now. Later everyone.

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