jelly_gun2007 (jelly_gun2007) wrote,

Hi ho hi ho job hunting I did'm corny

Well it was off to search for more job apps today. I got much more than where we went yesterday. I'd rather not work at Wendys or Mickey D's but hey if that's what I have to do then I will. I want to help Krystle's family out. Oh and I am so happy because my sister clone Nicole invited me to see Incubus with her. Oh my! I'm so pysched. And Saturday it's off to see Harry Potter with Melissa, Sarah, and John. Tomorrow I'm going to my house to pick up more stuff and I am worried. I think I am going in the morning so I won't run into Katie. I just hope my mom works tomorrow. I think Katie's Latin Class is seeing Troy tomorrow night. And from what I hear Melissa is going to be hanging out with Katie a bit. Melissa, just do one thing for me, don't talk to Katie about what my plans are and what I am going to do??? I heart you Melissa! I know you won't. Oh and I am sleeping over at Melissa's Friday. I'm so freaking excited. Well I heart all of you. I'm so glad you guys have my back and are here for me. It means more than I could ever express with words. Love ya!
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