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~~~~ABOUT YOU~~~~

1 whole name? Sarah Mollie Falloon
2 age? 19
3 address? uh... if you want to know you are more than welcome to ask
4 phone #? 412-657-4661
5 school? Chatham College (now unknown thanks to my mother)
6 pets? Luke and Jasmine
7 if yes, how many and what kind? 2 dogs, one poodle one german shepard
8 sibling? Katie and Ben and of course my adopted sibs
9 how many? 2 blood relations, many adopted ones
10 how many friends do you have? I am blessed with many
11 Do you have a g/f,b/f?who? I'm straight so no girlfriend and I don't have a boyfriend right now *sniffles*


12 music group? Good Charlotte and Linkin Park
13 color? Pink (I'm such a girly girl its rather sad, though i think there is a punk side to me...) and Blue
14 food? pizza
15 drink? milk
16 snack? chips most likely
17 number? 16
18 thing to do? draw, write, listen to music, watch movies, read
19 song? "Young and the Hopeless" by Good Charlotte
20 game? No clue
21 haliday(s)? Hanukkah
22 sport? hockey
23 quote? "Anything with Gandalf and my boobs is a good thing." (From Jessie)
24 actor? Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Wood
25 actress? Julia Roberts
26 TV show? Friends (its done now) and American Idol (its done now)
27 movie? LORD OF THE RINGS and Harry Potter
28 animal? Horse, Dogs, Dolphins
29 subject? English
30 season? Spring
31 month? May I think....
32 day? I don't know
33 time? Night
34 PC game? No clue
35 Simpson char? Lisa
36 clothing? t shirt
37 letter? UH....
38 Zodiac sign? aquarius
39 insect? butterfly

~~~~THIS OR THAT~~~~~

40 pepsi/coke? neither
41 cackies/jeans? jeans
42 Christmas/Halloween? halloween
43 66/99? 99
44 pizza/BBK? PIZZA
45 rich man/woman who treats you like crap/poor man who treats you
right? treats me right no question
46 dorittos/potato chips? DORITOS
47 Nsync/BSB? BSB
48 Christina/Britney? Noone hit me now but Christina
49 Bush/Kerry? Kerry
50 hot/cold? Hot


51 bestest? Ah I don't like to hurt anyones feelings so therefore I refuse to pick
52 dullest? NONE OF THEM
53 weirdest? NOT SURE
54 smartest? Jessie
55 loudest? Mary Cayte hands down (I'm sorry that wasn't nice)
56 most annoying? Not going there
57 tallest? Prolly Katura
58 shortest? ME
59 prettiest? Not me that's for sure
60 most fun? Not choosing


61 do u have a g/f, b/f? No
62 do you believe in love at first sight? No, I believe in crush on first sight
63 do u have a crush? Yes Benji Madden
64 if yes, who is it? see above


65 do you have AOL? Both
66 do you have an online relationship with ppl you don't know? No I do not
67 do u ever meet the person you talk to? THEY ARE MY FRIENDS
68 what do u like to do on the internet? GAMES, RESEARCH, RANDOM STUFF LIKE THIS
69 how many buddies do u have on you buddy list? don't know off hand
70 do u talk you older men if you are 16 17 or 18, i mean like 50
yr old,ppl? no


71 do u like you life? It's really hard but I definitely have some bright spots in it
72 if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I want to be more out-going
73 are you a good listener or a good speaker? Listener, or so people say. I have been told I should be a therapist
74 Do u want to get married? Definitely
75 do u want to have kids? Yes
76 if so, how many? 2 girls 1 boy
77 are you happy? A bit stressed out but happier than I have been in awhile

Well there ya have it where my boredom takes me....
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